International transport

DTS provides service of international transport in all temperature regimes, as well as the possibility of organizing groupage transport, and transport in smaller vehicles.

We successfully cooperate with more than 260 clients, to whom we provide transport services in more than 50 countries in Europe and Asia, with over 1,000 pallets and transported 12,000 kilometers covered on a daily basis.

DTS is authorized consigner and consignee in transit procedures. DTS now provides its clients with a direct shipment of the goods from our facilities to the border customs office, as well as conveying imported goods for customs clearance in our premises without waiting. We also provide our clients a possibility of declaring goods using IT technologies (with the commitment of later delivery of documents for verification).

Remarkable results achieved in this sphere of business as well as the growing number of satisfied customers are an additional incentive to further develop the transport services outside Serbia.