Mercantile goods transport

One of the segments in the business of logistics company Delta Transportni Sistem - DTS is the mercantile goods transport.

DTS provides transportation services of mercantile and seedy goods from 2013. In the first year we were primarily engaged in the transport of goods for the needs of Delta Agrar, while in the second year the business expanded to the cooperation with companies Dijamant i Victoria Group.

Considering that the transport of goods at the stock market is one of the key success factors, great plans and activities of Delta Agrar in the coming years have encouraged us to develop this sector. At this moment, the sector has five employees at locations in Belgrade and Novi Sad, with certain expansion plans in accordance with further growth needs.

Transportation of mercantile and seedy goods from cultivated fields to silos for further processing, relocation goods from silo to silo, transfer from the silo to the barges are only some of segments of the transport.