DTS provides its customers with logistics solutions tailored to meet the specifics of each business and the industry. We at DTS know that different types of goods require different approaches when it comes to the conditions of transport and manipulation.


Complete logistics services for goods in the field of home care products, personal hygiene, food in all thermal regimes (from -25C to ambient regime), alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, pet food.


Cooperation with the retail channels specialized in different types of goods, with facilities in all formats (KA, LKA, TT, gas stations, drug stores, retail chains, shopping malls and etc).

Construction industry

Service providing to clients who are engaged in the production of building materials and components.

Automotive industry and subcontractors

Logistical support to manufacturers and importers of components for cars, finished vehicles, spare parts and equipment.

4 PL services

Taking over the operations in warehouses or factories of customers, and the ownership of the goods.


Import of goods, storage and handling, sorting, labeling and delivery of goods to retail stores.