DTS provides storage services for goods which are stored in different temperature regimes, while enabling clients to see the stocks of their products at any time by using the modern information system for managing the work of warehouses – Warehouse Management System.

Companies increasingly identify the choice of storage model as a factor which significantly determines the achievement of key objectives. By providing professional storage services we offer our clients multiple benefits in terms of reduction of operating costs by giving them the opportunity to focus on core business processes and to achieve larger market presence as well as to increase profit.

Basic warehouse data:

DC Nova Pazova with 36.000 pallets
Cross Dock Station in Belgrade (Viline vode), Cacak, Kraljevo, Kragujevac and Nis
Daily output of 160,000 kg
140,000 labeled products per day

Pallet capacity of the distribution center encompasses:
  • Ambient from 5 ◦C do 25 ◦C (16.000 pallets)
  • Choco from 10 ◦C do 18 ◦C (7.000 pallets)
  • Milk & Meat from 2 ◦C do 4 ◦C (600 pallets)
  • Fruit & Vegetables from 6 ◦C do 8 ◦C (400 pallets)
  • Frozen from -22 ◦C do -16 ◦C (12.000 pallets)