In an increasingly stronger market competition, enterprises are increasingly co-operative, they share responsibilities, operational risks, and do even greater division of labor and specialization of tasks with their activity.

A new concept of 4PL (Fourth party logistics provider) enables clients to easily manage their business, reduce the number of participants in the supply chain and accelerate communication.

Apart from managing and developing the entire logistics chain, 4PL provider is using all of their available resources and modern information technology to connect as close as possible to the needs of the client and his organization and to allow clients to better focus on their core business, outsourcing part of business activities.

As a 4PL provider, DTS provides services not only for transport and storage, but also allows its customers to have the informational support, as well as the integrated management of cargo in the warehouse by:

  • Planning
  • Inventory management
  • Optimisation of the supply chain
  • Product sale
  • Information and linking
  • Submission of information resources and accounting services
  • Document management and its circulation
  • Tracking orders
  • Workforce Management
  • Truck and Trace tracking shipments and orders in real time
  • Management of return flows in logistics