Customs clearance

Customs clearance

We provide customers quick and easy customs clearance of goods in transit procedure.

As an authorized consigner and consignee of the goods in the transit procedure, we are providing our clients to ship directly from our offices to the border customs office, and the possibility of delivering the goods for import customs clearance directly to our premises without any waiting.

We have an AEO certificate.

We are the holder of the approval for National (NT) and common (T1) transit.

Each client has a bank guarantee in the amount of 170,000,000.00 RSD for customs clearance purposes.

We are present at all customs offices in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica and Nis.

Within DTS freight forwarding agency there are twenty people, eight of which are authorized customs agents.

For all inquiries you can contact us at +381 64 898 78 77

DTS Montenegro offers customs clearance service from the headquarters of the customs terminal Podgorica.

Montenegrin freight forwarding sector will perform all tasks in the field of customs clearance for the importation and exportation of goods, temporary import, active and outward processing, as well as re-export and storage of goods to its clients.

Clients are as well provided a bank guarantee for customs clearance operations. For all inquiries please contact our office in Montenegro at +382 20 675 644