Responsible business and sustainable development according to new GRI methodology in 6th CSR report of Delta Holding
15. june 2015.

Delta is the only domestic company which reports according to the internationally-recognized GRI methodology for estimating results in the sphere of social responsibility and sustainable development. Responding to a set of given indicators, the company proves its strategic orientation to development which leads to the long-term realization of balanced economic, social and ecological goals.

Although it was not obligatory for 2014, as the pioneer and leader in social responsibility Delta Holding decided to be among the first who publish its report according to new and more demanding G4GRI methodology. It differs in its clear demonstration of the company to involve the stakeholders into decision-making and commitment of the management to economic growth, ecology, community development and ethical business.

At Delta’s request, the accuracy of the information in the Report was confirmed by independent auditor KPMG.

6th CSR Report 2014 Delta Holding